Lost Souls
The meaning
What is the soul? Great question., but... What is a lost soul? We barely know.
That we already know is a hole new world exist beyond imagination, it is the Astral Plane, that impredictible and dark place wher lost souls wander and the Mystics Without Borders travel.
Lost souls are souls from Earth who are trapped in their own obsessions and have lost their way. They are encased in the material of the Astral Plane, and they wander aimessly until the Mystics can assist them in their jorney back to their physical bodies.
The Astral Plane is composed of Astral Hills, Wandering Clouds, Astral Hollows, The Zone, Astral Fog, Dreamether, Dream Fields and so much more.
We are the Mystic Without Borders and we need to help others all we can get, are you willing to recue Lost Souls with us?
If so, go ahead and join us on our side and help us to rescue Lost Souls and get them back to their physical bodies, we will reward you with ANIMO tokens.
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