Lost Souls
Usually known as Oracle


The price oracle's purpose is to balance the $ANIMO payout gained through mining, along with minting costs to the current dollar value of $ANIMO.
This means that the following will happen if the dollar value per $ANIMO increases:
  • $ANIMO payouts decrease
  • Mint Astral Ships costs less $ANIMO
  • Mint Souls costs less $ANIMO
If $ANIMO price in dollar decreases the opposite of the above becomes true.


The reason for using the oracle is that the game economy is balanced around a set dollar value. There is a limited amount of $ANIMO token that can circulate in the economy, and a large influx of players would probably deplete all of the $ANIMO present in the game's contract.
This means that entry costs and rewards can be balanced and maintained for extended periods of time, to allow new players the opportunity to play even if the $RPS dollar value increases.
Jerry will dynamically adjust costs and rewards up or down depending on changes in the dollar value of $ANIMO
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